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This project was a classic example of how the industry can change at any moment, requiring you to be adaptable in your work. Halfway through this project, Kanye decided to make some hateful comments, something my team did not stand for. With locations and actors already paid for, we had to think on our feet to find a solution. We decided to use Kanye's own product to promote unity by proposing a hypothetical takeover by Beats. The project taught me how to be fluid in my work.


Director, Editor:  Remington Butler
DP:  Taylor Ballard
Art Direction:  Brianna Aguillar,  Kennethia Dorsey
Copywriting:  John Starkweather
Strategist:  Jake Babcock
Engineering: Craig Butler
Title Card: Jack Dearden


2023 Telly SILVER: Branded Content
2023 Telly BRONZE: Online Commercial
2023 International ANDYS: Shortlist
2023 BRONZE ADC Cube: Craft in Video - Audio
2023 Young Ones Merit: Cinematography

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