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I love to create. Whether through a piece of film or a simple deck design, I live to forge that masterpiece. I put in the effort to make sure that whatever I'm working on gets the attention it deserves. I check all the details and ask all the hard questions to put that idea into the refiner's fire so it can be the best that it can be. I don't shy away from taking the lead and getting a project started because it's my belief that any action is better than none. And when problems arise, it only gives my creative mind a chance to shine. In the end, producing and managing is a work of art, and while I can appreciate another's Monet, I thrive on creating my own.

Managing and Producing: 
My love language

Reasons I love what I do

I get to take a half-baked idea and turn it into something highly executed and worth showing to the masses.  

I get to challenge myself to create a story that an audience will connect with and be inspired to take action from.

I get to learn new skills and new knowledge with each project. Whether that's learning more from research on an obscure topic to show properly in the work to just learning how to edit a video together, I take all the chances to build my brain's repertoire as I can get.

I get to work with other amazing creatively-inspired people who are blazing their own trails and turning heads as they do.


Email:               Phone: 832-235-6849                Instagram: @alexmcbride99                LinkedIn: Alex McBride

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