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Alzheimer's Association 



For this project, we were able to get footage while traveling on a study abroad to incorporate into our ad. We then filmed the rest of the ad back in the States. Several of the team members (including myself) have had family members personally affected by Alzheimer's and wanted to bring awareness to an issue that affects 6.5 million Americans. Creating something not associated with a product or brand was a refreshing break and a way to put a little good out into the world. 


Director, Writer, Editor:  Remington Butler
DP:  Tanner Jackson
Super 8 Footage:  Remington Butler
Art Direction:  Charlotte Ward


2023 Telly GOLD: Branded Content
2023 Telly GOLD: Online Commercial
2023 SILVER ADC Cube: Cinematography
2023 SILVER ADC Cube: Art Direction
2023 Young Ones Merit: Direction
2023 Young Ones Merit: Video - Visual
2023 Clio Shortlist: Direction

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