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BUmble BFF



This project helped me accomplish my dream of holding a hawk. While locations and actors had their own challenges (some bars aren't too friendly to people who don't actually drink), my main effort went towards finding our live animal talent. I talked to a lot of falconers over the course of this production and had to learn the many laws associated with filming birds of prey. It was my duty to ensure that not only was our team going to be safe and happy when it came to the day of the shoot but the bird as well. 


Director, Editor:  Remington Butler
DP:  Tanner Jackson
Art Direction:  Madi Steele,  Alex Nibley
Copywriting:  Daniel Facer,  Lauren Howell
Asst. Producer:  Eli Wright


2023 International ANDYS: GOLD
2023 Telly SILVER: Branded Content
2023 Telly BRONZE: Online Commercial
2023 BRONZE ADC Cube: Video - Visual
2023 Young Ones Merit: Direction
2023 Young Ones Merit: Art Direction
2023 GOLD Utah ADDY: Art Direction
2023 GOLD Utah ADDY: Cinematography
2023 SILVER Utah ADDY: Television Advertising

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